DiMeo’s offers an unforgettable Neapolitan experience that is new to the fast-casual industry. For busy people in today's hassled world, DiMeo’s offers an amazing diversion from life. Unlike so many other pizzerias - DiMeo’s goes beyond excellent decorating, expected menu items and regular themes. DiMeo’s brings history alive, where seeing pulecenella and arlecchino on the walls, and listening to old Neapolitan tunes is all part of living within that time.

Those two words say it all. We are “Neapolitan Pizzamakers” who are committed to serving you an Authentic Neapolitan pizza like they do in our hometown of Naples. The literal translation for Pizzaiuoli is “pizza makers”, and at DiMeo’s, only those with a true passion for their craft are given a chance to make a pizza.
Commedia dell’arte is a form of Italian theater that provided Neapolitan people a different type of comedy in the 1400’s. Many of the characters were portrayed with unique masks, the most recognizable being Pulecenella and Arlecchino.
A clown-like character from Napoli’s commedia dell’arte and
the symbol of authenticity for a Neapolitan pizzeria. His black
mask is one of the best-known Italian masks and is the one that
represents Napoli. At DiMeo’s, we honor our Neapolitan roots
by placing his black mask in our logo.
A clown-like character from Napoli’s commedia dell’arte who’s
famous for his colorful diamond patched costume. We felt that
by including pulecenella’s mask in our logo, it only seemed right
to include arlecchino as well. Hence, we included his diamond
patch in the middle of our logo.

Arlecchino is known for complicating the plot by making mistakes
in his orders and being the worst messenger imaginable, getting
distracted and changing plans during his delivery. So, therefore
it seemed only appropriate to name our delivery drivers after this
unique character.
When you walk into DiMeo’s you will hear the melodic, and
expressive tunes of Renaissance Napoli. Each of our pizzerias
play Neapolitan music and Gigi is our favorite.

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